A Step-by-Step Guide to Easy Social Media Marketing in India

A Step-by-Step Guide to Easy Social Media Marketing in India

Social media marketing has taken quite control over our lives and everything and everywhere we are surrounded by social media. As everybody has easy access to social media, it has become an important part of the business too. I can hardly remember a time when businesses didn’t rely on social media for their sales and wide audience.


Social media is growing faster than anything. Today, more than 4 billion people are on social media and spend a handful of time there. Now you have to cater your content to such a large amount of people and take every step keeping this fact in mind.


Social media has somehow made it easy for brands to reach their target audience. Making an impactful online presence and making selling content is all it takes to achieve success in social media marketing strategy. There are a lot of simple yet distinctive social media strategies that will help you stand out from your competitors.



In this guide, you will understand exactly how social media marketing works today. Wishabrand has created a guide to social media marketing tactics on the five largest platforms (Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, Snapchat, and Pinterest).


Then, we will gradually study ways to create an effective social media marketing plan. You will learn about social media metrics that should be tracked, how to measure the effectiveness of campaigns, how to increase social media engagement, and more.


Once completed, you will be able to do social media marketing with confidence and build a compelling social media image that people will love. You will also learn some internal social media techniques that will improve your performance on each platform.



  • How do Beginners start social media marketing?


Social Media Marketing in India is a broad term that covers a lot of aspects. It includes any type of marketing that uses social media to advertise and create brand awareness. Social media is a vast space to be and it has been rising rapidly.


A place where brands have started doing marketing and have realized how helpful and effective a place it is to advertise your services. It’s evident looking at the fact that every person is on social media nowadays and businesses have the best opportunity to advertise their services.


Looking back 10 years down the line, not many brands were on social media as offline marketing was a major source. Now every brand starts from social media and establishes their brand image through the power of social media marketing.

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Beginners who have no idea how and where to start should follow the blog as we are about to discuss it further. But you should keep in mind these essential factors to head to a good start for your business.


  • You should try your best and make sure you work hard every day.
  • You cannot sell products in every post.
  • Regardless of whether the audience responds or not, you must work consistently for the audience. What users say is more important than what you say.




How social media is used in marketing in India


  • Social Media Marketing on Facebook

Facebook is currently the largest social media network with more than 2 billion users, and it is still increasing. This makes it a very effective platform for social media marketing in India. Many marketers have seen excellent results – 30% of companies said that Facebook provides the highest ROI of all social media platforms.


Evidently, Facebook marketing is very effective. Let us take a closer look at the reasons and how to use the platform.


  • Facebook Ads


One of the most flexible, impactful, and resourceful methods on Facebook Marketing is Facebook Ads. When it comes to e-commerce and traditional corporate marketing, Facebook ads are very useful. So whether you want to make your first online sale or expand your advertising strategy, you can modify Facebook ads to suit your exact needs.


Facebook enables you to create your target audience and focus on it. It helps you establish the demographics and you advertise according to your customers. It also offers different ad formats for you to choose from for your business. From traffic and engagement to leads, you can customize accordingly!


You can make excellent profits through Facebook ads and take your business high. Many businesses are already using this tactic and achieving their business goals too!


  • Facebook Shopping


Facebook shopping has become widely popular now. People shop from Facebook as they find it more convenient to shop the product where they see it.


The Facebook shop tab is available on the main page and you can set up your page as a shopping site and sell your products. It is necessary to have Facebook shopping when you are advertising your products on the platform!


Social Media Marketing easy guide

  • Social Media Marketing on Instagram

 Instagram has reached 1 billion followers, making it the 6th largest social media platform in the world. People on average spend around 30 to 40 minutes on Instagram every day. Now in the case of people aged from 18-24, who use it multiple times a day, Our youth is very active on the platform and follow up on everything going on from brand posting to memes, they know it all knows!


Compared to Facebook, Instagram has much more to offer in terms of business, and if you haven’t started marketing on Instagram. Look at the benefits and focus on this!


  • Instagram Ads



Instagram ads may be the best ads for social media marketing. Like Facebook ads, Instagram ads are local ads, so you will see them when you scroll through the source naturally. And because of the design and layout of Instagram, it’s usually hard to notice when you see an ad.


This is beneficial because it allows you to advertise without advertising. It’s the opposite of the banner ads that once plagued websites. Advertising on Instagram is simple, smart, and seamless.


  • Instagram Engagement


According to Instagram, 80% of all Instagram accounts are businesses. People like to connect with brands on social media, and Instagram provides many opportunities to connect.


The first step (and the most significant step) is to ensure your active participation. By interacting on the platform, you can increase the chances of others seeing you and visiting your page. By interacting with accounts related to your niche market, you can maximize the visibility of your account and establish your brand here.


  • Influencer Marketing on Instagram


Influencer marketing has seen huge success as there are more than 5,00,000 influencers on Instagram today. Thanks to Instagram algorithms, influencers are in the eye of people and are getting engagements.


Influencer marketing is very beneficial for your business. Take advantage of the fact that people are more interested in your product when it has a human voice. They are interested in something that is more relatable to them. If people they look up to are talking about your product, they will eventually be more interested in it.


You can explore new audiences and increase your brand recognition. Make sure you choose the right influencers for your brand. Lookup for people who are working in your niche and would be interested in your services.


From product shouts to brand ambassadors, there are several different ways to conduct Instagram influencer marketing in India. The approach you should take will depend on how much you interact with your influencers, and of course your social media goals. Usually, it’s best to start with product shootouts or sponsored posts. From there, you can build long-term influencer relationships.



  • Twitter for social media marketing


Twitter, also being one of the largest platforms we have, has more than 300 million users. Quite different from what we saw on Facebook or Instagram. Twitter has a lot to offer in terms of businesses.


As we see, Twitter is more about short texts than pictures or videos. Hence, on Twitter the strongest tool for marketing is conversations. It provides a platform to interact and engage with your customers on a personal level. It is healthy for your business as interaction and communication often drive effective leads for your business.


Twitter also offers ads, video marketing, and much more. Let’s discuss some of them!




  • Twitter Ads


According to Twitter’s latest research, advertising engagement on the platform has increased by 50% year-on-year. Coupled with a 14% decrease in cost per interaction, you have an attractive social media advertising platform.


In terms of Twitter advertising, you can sponsor tweets, accounts, and trends. Tweets are equivalent to Instagram ads on Twitter. They look like ordinary Tweets, but with a small “recommended” label to indicate their advertising status.



  • Video Advertising on Twitter


Video formats on Twitter are different from what we see on other platforms. They are more short, mobile-friendly videos that are in fact more effective and watched by the audience. There are different video formats like:


  • Promoted videos: It helps you promote videos that are shared by you on Twitter. To reach more demographics, it is a good option for your business



  • In-stream videos: In-stream video ads are video ads that play at the beginning of a video from a Twitter content partner. In other words, your ad can be an intro or in-film ad in another video.



  • Video website cards: Videos ads that can take you to the brand website at the end. It helps you increase your reach and views on the website!



Although “promoted videos” are the simplest videos, it’s worth trying all three video ads to see what kind of results each method can bring.

Social media global connection concept. Social networking and blogging. Abstract 3D sphere or globe with surface of hexagons with a different social media icons in wireframe hand. Vector illustration

Social media global connection concept. Social networking and blogging. Abstract a 3D sphere or globe with the surface of hexagons with a different social media icons in wireframe hand. Vector


  • Pinterest in social media marketing


Pinterest has almost 300 million users and is becoming more relevant today. It can bring wonders to your business if used the right way at the right time. Let’s look at some of the options we have on Pinterest for marketing:


  • Pinterest Ads


When we talk about using Pinterest for business, the focus is almost always Pinterest Ads.


There are several types of Pinterest ads. The recommended pin is the standard ad format, which is the format that Pinterest marketers usually start to use. These posts are displayed in the user’s feeds, and like Instagram and Twitter, they look like typical Pins, except for the “promoted by” text.


Pinterest is more about visuals than text, somewhat like Instagram. So focus on your brand visuals, make it more attractive and engaging for your viewers. If you want your ads to be successful, focus more on eye-catching visuals on Pinterest!



  • Increase engagement on Pinterest


In order to attract more followers and Pinterest participation, it is important to understand that Pinterest’s user base is very different from most social networks. Although most social media sites attract young people from all walks of life, Pinterest users are often women. In fact, the site covers 83% of all women aged 25-54 in the United States.


Again, the key here is high visibility. Pinterest has a certain sense of beauty, usually characterized by clean and bright images. If you can stand out in your own way and meet the instructions, then you will quickly gain Pinterest followers and they will actively participate in your Pins activities.



To sum up, there are more social media platforms that are good for your brand recognition and sales. Make sure you choose the most relevant one for your business according to your niche and other factors. Don’t invest before learning about social media demographics and engagement.





How to start a social media marketing campaign?


Wishabrand helps you in creating a killer social media marketing campaign for your brand. We offer some great tactics to help you generate some effective leads for your business.




How effective is social media for marketing?


It is quite effective, budget-friendly and helps you reach your business goals and target audience easily. Wishabrand guides you the best for cost-effective marketing on different platforms and will take your business to extreme heights!



What are the types of social media marketing?

There are many types of social media advertising but majorly Facebook Advertising, Instagram Advertising, Pinterest, Twitter, LinkedIn, and Snapchat Advertising. At Wishabrand, we do all kinds of marketing to help you increase your brand visibility!



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