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Ultimate Guide to Influencer Marketing In India

Marketing strategies are constantly evolving, and Influencer Marketing in India is no longer an incidental strategy, only for specific industries. This is a widely adopted strategy that can make your company stand out to new audiences and help build trust in your brand.

In the past four years, searches for the Influencer marketing platform have increased by 1500%, and this growth is remarkable!

A major part of working with influencers is relationship management, part of financial evaluation, and part of strict organization and targeting.

This is why the Wishabrand team has come up with a guide that includes everything you need to start your first online celebrity campaign and do your bit for the growth of influencer marketing in India.


Influencer Marketing In India


Wishabrand is on the path to becoming the best influencer marketing agency in India. We collaborate with the best influencers who have really good marketing skills and are content-driven.



What is Influencer Marketing in India?


The influencer marketing in India hub is just an enhanced version or a modern form of celebrity endorsement. Influencers (Celebrities of the modern internet world – social media) are the original content creators who have a huge fan following on their respective social media accounts/blogs and they have demonstrated the power of influencing the followers through their content whether it is a video, a blog or a vlog. Influencers, through their acquired trust and credibility among followers, can change ( influence ) the perspective of the people for a particular product/service.

And being influenced by the influencer, people develop a credible image for that brand through the word of mouth from an already established authoritative person in a specific niche.

Ultimate Guide to Influencer Marketing In India


Under the influence of influencers, people get a credible image of the brand from established authorities in a particular niche market through word of mouth.



How influencer marketing has been growing in India? How is it superior to other forms of marketing?


Influential marketing is a growth tool that any type of business can quickly promote sales growth in a short period. Therefore, let us discuss the benefits:


  • Huge traffic can be achieved on the website
  • Effective brand awareness
  • Instantly generated leads
  • Build trust among potential customers
  • Provide customers with a value proposition


Influencer Marketing India


Influencer Marketing in India has been growing rapidly and has become a superior form of marketing compared to others in the market. Some essential factors have made it the talk of the town and brands are finding their company value through influencers!


Top Factors for Influencer Marketing In India


  • Making a connection with the target audience through Influencers

   People like to listen to humans rather than listening to the sounds of machines/robots. Through Instagram influencer marketing, brands can directly establish contact with target audiences through influencers. Moreover, as emotional humans, we prefer things that celebrities use or think are worthwhile.



  • Make your company value through influencers

Brands should be extra careful when choosing this effective marketing method. Before leveraging India’s influential marketing power, let’s explore things such as  evaluation and research as a brand:


  • Reach of the influencer in anywhere India

Analyze previous content created by content creators and see their reach. How many people are viewing their content, likes, comments on the posts? Are brands approaching them for their influencer marketing? Do all this research as a brand.



  • Demographics of the Influencer

Does your buyer persona match the follower demographics of that influencer/creator correctly? Your target audience should match their niche to get productive results for your brand.


  • Expertise in their niche

Do influencers have authority-level knowledge in their niche industry? Effective research and deep knowledge of their niche industry is an essential factor for brand marketing.


  • Content quality

What kind of content does your potential customer want to consume-video, text, or other. The content your target audience likes to see and find more interactive.



  • The platform for Influencer Marketing

Does your target audience exist on the platform, that is, Facebook or Youtube or Instagram indicates an influential target audience or your target audience is still not on any platform.


  • Growth and effect of the influencer marketing industry in India

The economic impact has changed the way we buy products. Approximately 67% of advertisers said they are occupied by some type of influencer marketing, and this number may grow as web-based social network influencers get standard impressions. The economy of influencers is moving towards more streamlined arrangements, mastering tools such as influencer systems, coordinating stage benefits, and automating processes to help brands use influential people more effectively.


influencer Marketing


With such a high return on investment (ROI), it is no wonder that the Influencer marketing industry in India will achieve tremendous growth in the next few years.


At present, the global social media usage rate shows no signs of declining, because it penetrates every aspect of consumers’ daily lives. As a result, analysts expect influencers to play an intermediary role between brands and consumers and play an increasingly important role. This means that brands will need to increase influencer marketing efforts to better connect with consumers.


The latest figures support this prediction. Data shows that by 2020, brands will spend up to $15 billion on influencer marketing (Business Insider, 2019).


Considering that the brand’s total online celebrity marketing expenditure in 2019 is US$8 billion, this means that the online celebrity marketing industry is expected to grow by 87.5% in just three years. Such a huge growth is just a testament to its potential. Therefore, if you are still considering whether you should invest in the Influencer marketing hub to enhance your brand, then it is best to do it.

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Marketing Influencer In India

How does Influencer Marketing work in India?

If you are a marketer and feel the pressure of getting more revenue and less control over messaging, you are not alone. Great changes have taken place in marketing methods, and consumers decide what news they want to see. Brands no longer have a central position, consumers do. If you want to be part of the consumer conversation, you must follow their rules. Social media is the place where consumers nowadays have conversations, and one of the most influential products emerging is influencer marketing in India.


At a high level, this is a form of brand participation where marketers can establish connections with those who have a prominent social footprint. The goal is to create new communities and connect the brand/product with new audiences through the voice of the aforementioned influencers and trusted relationships.

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Authentic content can build trust. People tend to be digital influencers because they value the content they create. By establishing strategic relationships with these influencers, brands can integrate their messaging into this content and share it with consumers through trusted sources. To take full advantage of this opportunity, brands must allow influencers to be loyal to themselves when producing sponsored content.


Social media has changed the way brands interact with consumers by creating an environment where consumers can immediately access information. People collect opinions about brands and products through social media, and then make purchase decisions based on what they find. Successful brands use social media to keep in touch with consumers by actively participating in this online conversation.


Working with influencers is an effective way to use good content to stimulate conversations about your brand.



  • Which are the best influencer marketing companies in India?

   Wishabrand is one of the best influencer marketing companies in India. We curate customized influencer programs to provide everything you need to take your account to next level and make good money out of it. We give the advantage of being the face of the brand and endorse it through your creative content and we help you reach bigger brands!


  • What is the best influencer marketing platform in India?

Wishabrand is one of the largest influencer marketing platforms in India, with a good amount of influencers. It caters to influential people and brands and helps them grow effectively in the market!


  • How do I choose the right brand for my influencer?

Through Research, dig into influencers’ engagement indicators and other insights. Observe the audience’s participation, as this is the best way to check its authenticity, Take time to invest in social listening, Research their technical skills, and communicate with them.


  • How much do influencers charge per post in India?

Famous influencers charge 1-5 lakh rupees per post, while nano influencers charge 2,000 rupees per post, but the most common result is that they accept samples or products of the brand.




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